Orders will be delivered by specialized companies for that purpose. Generally, delivery can occur within a 48 to 96 hours to destinations in Europe. There may be exceptions to which we are unaware, such as natural disasters or other factors. 

Client absent
In the absence of persons authorized to receive the goods, the shipping company will make another attempt. Persisting the absence, Cork Store will contact the customer to schedule a new delivery. If the contact problem still persists, Cork Store will send an email to the customer in order to redirect the delivery. This whole process will aim to prevent the product back to, thus avoiding delays in delivery and unnecessary freight extra charges. The customer has a period of 48 hours to respond to the e-mail with the correct address, proceeding to a new and final delivery attempt. After this period the goods are returned to the Cork Store. 
Thereafter, there will be new freight charge if the customer wants to receive your request.

Shipping cost
The amount to charge for shipping will be calculated automatically in the drafting of purchase and varies with the location of delivery and the weight of the products. For quantities above, you should ask us a quote request send us an email.

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